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What is a Mason

Freemasons come from all walks of life, but in order to become a Mason you must meet a few simple criteria:


  • You must be a male, at least 19 years of age (varies by state)

  • Be an Ohio resident for at least six months

  • Be able to read and write English

  • Be prepared to profess a belief in Deity

  • Be of good reputation as a man of honor and integrity

  • Be recommended by two members of the lodge you wish to join


In order to join you must seek admission by your own free will, and you must be recommended by a current Freemason, unanimously elected to membership and willing to assume an obligation to the fraternity.


Joining Local Lodges
To get started simply go to The Next Step and fill out basic information. A virtual mentor will assist you and introduce you to a local lodge.


Degrees of Masonry

As you follow the path of Masonry you will have the opportunity to earn three symbolic degrees representing the lessons of Masonry.


  • Entered Apprentice – beginner

  • Fellowcraft – intermediate

  • Master Mason – expert

All Shriners are Master Masons, but not all Freemasons go on to become Shriners.

Become a Mason

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